Apple iOS7 hiccup

Apple meant to release its new iOS7 for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and bunch of iPods. All supported devices list is here 

Unfortunately and again Apple has some problems with delivery its new system. First iTunes for Windows 7 says that doesn’t need to be updated (iOS7 requires iTunes version 11.1). Strangely Apple Software Updater finds newest version. This is not the end of problems.

After successful iTunes update it still says that my current 6.1.3 iOS for iPhone4S is the current one:

Current iOS? Really?

OK. Maybe Apple didn’t released it yet. Let’s try update OTA (Over The Air). Yes. I can update my iOS to version 7. Really? No… I can’t:

IOS7 OTA Error

 Finally after several tries iOS7 is downloading… still only available OTA.


Version after version Apple seems to have more problems releasing its new system.

Update: During writing that post, new iOS7 has become accessible from iTunes.
Update 2: Not so fast… this is not the end of problems… another error:


It is going to be annoying. 

Update 3: Here you can find direct links to software images: (in polish)