MS TechNet subscription R.I.P.

 Yes, It’s happened. There is no option to buy a new or renew TechNet subscription.

Since 1st of September, Microsoft no longer accepts purchase orders for TechNet subscriptions. 
TechNet subscription gave us an access to many MS products without any restrictions. Of course all those products were for testing purpose only.

Personally I don’t know what Microsoft thought doing this, and by what reason that program was ended. I know that many of TechNet products serial keys were targeted by a pirates, but most of those software were used by IT pros, admins, etc. Now we end up with trials. 

Some may say that 180 days should be enough to test a software, but honestly, when I know that my hard created lab to test some solution will stop working in 3 months, I don’t even bother to start building it.

And if it is a way to push IT pros to purchase MSDN subscription… I’m out.