Farewell qTranslate

WP logoI have been using qTranslate for a quite a long time. My native language is Polish so of course I’ve started writing this blog in Polish, then because I live in Belfast I needed translation to English. qTranslate seemed to be a good solution. It hasn’t provide auto-translate options but did what it was supposed to do.

After some time I have realized that most my posts are written in English first and then I have translated them to Polish. On other hand I had several minor problems with qTranslate, mostly when new WordPress version comes up.

So I took all those things into consideration and because mostly I wrote in English (still know it is not perfect but I learning so please excuse if you will find something that makes you smile 🙂 ) I have decided to get rid of it. With a help comes a WordPress plugin called qTranslate Cleanup an WPML Import. It analyses your qTranslate settings and gives you an option to leave only one language. Beware, all others translations will be gone, so before you use it, make a database backup (I shouldn’t even mention that I think).

It also Imports all your translation if you decide to use WMPL instead.

So… farewell qTranslate.