Netbox. Installation and a “complicated” upgrade.

I am not going to explain what the Netbox is. Here you can easily find the explanation and decide if is usable for you or not.

Why installation and complicated upgrade.
I had working Netbox 2.5.8 installation, and the task was to upgrade to the most up to date version which was 2.7.12. The problem was, that the Netbox documentation doesn’t inform you, there is no direct upgrade to that version, so I needed to use a interim config from v.2.6.12 to get this right.

I am going to explain a little bit myself.
I am no Linux guy, nor the DBA, so the following set of articles that will help you to migrate from Netbox 2.5.8 to version 2.7.12 may not be the easiest and definitely not the only way to achieve it. So bear that in mind and enjoy.

Let’s kick this off with the description of the current environment, the assumptions and the variables I am going to use.

Part 1. The beginning… (to be continued)