iPhone, iOS 4.3.4 and Apple Store

Today is going to be something different than my typical post. It is about Apple.

I own iPhone 3GS. For some time there is a new iOS available named 4.3.4, so as I usually do, I have connected my phone to PC, started iTunes which discovered new software update. I have chosen to only download it because I want to make a backup first.

As some one said, there are only two types of people in the world. Those who do backups, and those who will do 🙂

Unfortunately some one was looking over me and “told” me to do backup before update.
Why? Because update process finished with a very detailed error called – unknown error number 6 (I have heard that only Windows generates unknown errors and do some unknown operations ;)).

Anyway, back to the subject.

After that iTunes discovered iPhone in a safe mode asking me if I want to restore it. Off course I want to restore it, but not so fast. Any attempts to restore my iPhone ended with the same unknown error 6.

I have googled everywhere to find a solution. Checked iTunes version, disabled firewall, disabled antivirus, changed USB ports, cables, etc. Nothing… unknown error number 6.

I was annoyed because I have updated my phone many times and never had any problem with it.

Desperate, I took my phone and went to nearest Apple Store and described my problem to one of consultants. They allowed me to connect my phone to one of theirs iMacs and to recover my “dead” phone. Update went without any problem.

Now I am sitting with a working phone and restoring my backup.

Do backups. Second thing, I wish everyone the customer service which I met at the local Apple Store.