Password here, password there, password everywhere

Who is not using, blogs, forums, how many email account we are using and on top of that bank login details, private websites, ftp etc. I could enumerate those for a long…

To all of those accounts we use passwords. Many passwords. The best option is to have separate password with at least 8 characters, contains upper and lower case, digit and non-alphanumerical symbol. Then not only passwords we need to remember but also user names. At the end we end up with a huge list of user names and passwords.

Worst thing is to store them in some text file in our PC, laptop or tablet. Some of them we remember just be cause we use them most. Some of them not and we need to use password remainder (which mail account I used for that?) or even contact customer support.

So, what options we have to help us remember?

There are many password managers. One of them catches my attention. Is OpenSource software called KeePass. It is a freeware password manager which helps us to store our passwords in a secure way than just write them down and keep them in a plain text. It keeps them in a database protected by a master password or/and key file. It also could be protected by a Windows User Account so instead remembering all of those passwords, we need to remember only one.

Database is secured by the most advanced algorithms they are known (AES Twofish). Programm is really simple to use. It welcomes us with a database creation window:

Create New Password Database
Create New Password Database

Then we are asked to create Master Key – the master password for our database. We have several options:

  • single master password
  • key file – create a file stored locally or remotely (USB stick, cloud)
  • use Windows User Account – when that account will be lost we lose access to that database so a complete backup of user account is required. Personally  I don’t use that option.
Create Composite Master Key

Once we have successfully created a master password, the main windows appears:

Main Window
Main Window

Software gives us many useful tools to use like password generator, auto type passwords into websites etc. For more informations please go to author website: I am using it all the time and highly recommend it